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Zinari helps businesses and freelancers receive payments from customers using cryptocurrencies. Collect payments online using our API, or in store through our Point of Sale Terminal. Zero transaction fees, limits or paperwork.

Easy Payment

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Integrate Crypto Payments in 5 Minutes

Zinari provides you with all the tools needed to receive crypto payments, on your website or physically at your store. You can actually set up your checkout in less than 5 minutes.

Zero Transaction Fees

We help you save 100% of your usual payment processing fees. Process unlimited transactions for free, no hidden charges.

Instant Payouts

Don't wait 24 hours to receive your payout. Receive payments instantly, to your wallet. 100% decentralized.

Super Fast

We use state of the art technology to power our platform, enabling your users pay in less than 1 minute


Our all-inclusive API enables you build custom crypto check-out pages on your mobile app or website. We also have a self-explanatory documentation, and a developers forum in case you need guidance.

Our Products

If you wish to integrate crypto to your business, then we got you covered. Our suite of products are well equipped to give your users a seamless check-out experience.

Payment Links

Get started without hiring a developer. With our payment links, you can charge your customers on our own hosted checkout page, in less than 2 minutes.

Ecommerce Plugins

Use Zinari on your existing ecommerce systems, by installing our plugins. We have plugins for Woocommerce, Shopify, Drupal and most major platforms.

Multiple Currencies

We offer you multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BUSD, BNB, USDT, Polygon and Zinari. 20+ major cryptocurrencies are included.

Tax Tracking

Remain compliant by tracking your sales tax, VAT and other deductibles that are legally demanded within your jurisdiction.

Crypto Debit Cards

Make corporate card payments using your crypto balances. Create cards for employees and vendors. Our cards come in virtual and physical variants

We also have other products such as the Zinari Point of Sale(POS), Crypto-FX ramp and lots more

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We save $2000 per month using Zinari. Payments come instantly, with zero risk of chargebacks. I strongly recommend Zinari to every organization out there.


Julia Li


Multiple Options Available

We offer a wide range of cryptocurrency options, giving your users the ability to pay in their favorite currencies. Check out some of our available currencies:

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