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Fellow Zinarians, it’s been 2 weeks since we launched our payment gateway.

Since then, we have also launched our plugins, and gotten into a few more partnerships.

We are pleased to announce that we have now reached an agreement in principle with 2 MAJOR crypto exchanges.

Advantages for Merchants

Here is how this partnerships would boost your business:

  1. Our Users would be able to convert their volatile tokens to stable coins or fiat balances. For instance, if someone pays you with Bitcoin, u can opt for autoconversion using the exchanges and it automatically converts the Bitcoin to BUSD or USDT or a fiat balance.

  2. Our platforms remains decentralized and instant, so even this conversion would be done instantly and you receive funds into your OWN exchange wallet.

  3. We are also talking with a few more platforms, and DEXes on this and we’d begin working on integrating this in one to two months.

Upcoming Mobile App

We are now seriously exploring a mobile app. The mobile App would enable users to not just receive crypto payments, but to do the following:

  • Make International Fiat Payments to one or multiple users by converting their crypto to FX.
  • Access Crypto Loans with NFT Collateral
  • Save Money using Stable coins
  • Invest in precious metals using NFT, and earn passive yield on these investments.
  • Generate Email Invoices for Users

We believe this app should be ready by the end of July, 2022 and we would be partnering with 5 companies for the production of this.

Zinari is enables businesses to receive payments in crypto. Businesses can collect payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, BUSD, USDT, BNB and our native currency, Zinari.

We advise you sign up today, and get started with Zinari.

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2 Responses

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